Friday, October 13, 2006

Shrink - Crusader - Paladin - Quest

Shrink - Crusader - Paladin

1. Proceed to NPC Ford (geffen 110 117) and a request to find a NPC Soldier (gef_fild13 297 242) is made.
2. Prepare Red Potion*1 for the soldier and return to NPC Ford for further help.
3. Proceed to the Prontera Church to find NPC Arther Pastor (prt_church 87 127) for assistance to cure the soldier .
4. Collect Sticky Mucus*20, Empty Bottle*3, Jellopy*5, Coal*1, Cyfar*3, Grape*1, and Unripe Apple*1 to prepare an antidote.
5. Player must race the antidote back to NPC Soldier to cure him. If failed, return to NPC Arther Pastor for another antidote.
6. Once successful, the NPC will reward player with the new skill.
7. 'Shrink' learned!

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